Buycraft Issues

If you have been experiencing some Buycraft / rank issues, please send us a email providing your IGN (In game name) and information that we need to know such as a way to contact with you.

It may take up to 48 hours for a Staff member to review your email, please do not abuse of the support system.

Report a player

If you think that someone is hacking we encourage you to join the TeamSpeak3 server to contact with us and a Staff Member will take care of the situation, please remember to provide evidence so it can be easy for us to work.

Report a Staff member

Sometimes, Staff members can be abusive with their ranks, so if you see any Staff member abusing please, join TeamSpeak3 and ask to be moved to 'Owner Waiting room', so a Owner or Manager can move you, if you've been waiting for almost 4 hours, contact @vYurita on Twitter.

Appeal a Punishment

If you were caught cheating, your appeal will be denied. Appeals exist in order to catch mistakes, not to argue about the rules, or your personal virtues.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a staff member to review your appeal. Abuse of the appeal system can result in a blacklist in-game and from TeamSpeak3.

How are appeals resolved?

The moderator who punished you will review the evidence, and remove the punishment if they find it was an error.

You can escalate an appeal to have it reviewed by a senior staff member, but this will delay the resolution.

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